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SAP Ariba came to me and asked if I could rebuild an outdated calculator originally built with Adobe Flash, using JavaScript.

I said sure! Sounds like fun.

One thing SAP Ariba does really well is to help large companies close "leaks" in their revenue streams.

The purpose of this calculator is to show how much money SAP Ariba may be able to save these companies by using their system, as well as the cost of doing business.

Project Details

The first iteration included simply cloning the existing visual design of the calculator with some HTML code that was supplied for me. I only made a few changes to this markup.

I have to admit this project was significantly more challenging than I expected. It required me to create a formula entirely from their pricing guidelines. Nevertheless, I persisted.

I added a separate layer to this code for the logic — the JavaScript I was tasked to write. I stored their multiple-currency, multi-tiered data in an object so that it could be accessed any time throughout the program.

Each currency had its own requirements and thresholds. The results will vary depending on the specific industry or the value of the other inputs.

Here’s a screenshot of the calculator’s input area.

The original design intended for this this tool to be available inside a modal window after user interaction.

The most recent version is live now. Check it out!

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