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SVG Match is a search engine for finding SVG image matches across the web. It’s a side project that I started in mid-2017.

Inspired by Google’s ultra-minimalist layout, I wanted to build a search tool that was extremely simple yet very powerful.

Ideally, it will be used by Professional Icon and Graphic Designers, but will serve anyone who uses SVG graphics.

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Drag ’n drop your SVG files.

Of course, it also has to be ridiculously fast both in loading times and in returning results.

Some Confusion

After speaking to several people about this project, there seems to be a bit of confusion on how exactly this will be used.

You don’t search for keywords or phrases to find SVG images; you must already have the SVG to begin with. Searching for these SVG images will give you the URLs of the webpages that use your source image.

This is not intended to be used with rasterized images like JPEG, PNG, or GIF, but may eventually support other vector formats like EPS or AI for the input. Right now, only SVG is supported for both input and output.

Searching can be done a number of ways:

  1. dragging and dropping a SVG file from your computer or a URL from the web.
  2. uploading a SVG by file input (works on mobile devices too).
  3. pasting the SVG source code or a URL to a SVG on the web.

I really wanted to make it super easy to search no matter what your current situation.

The Challenge

After doing a buttload of research, I realized I had fallen into a massive abyss in the world of SVG.

Because SVG is structured markup, very much like HTML, you can create a single SVG image in almost an infinite number of ways, and they will all look exactly the same.

This is where the project got really complicated.

The Future

I need to develop powerful restructuring scripts to dynamically generate new SVG images from user input in real-time, before they can be matched to any results in the database.

Once this script is ready, it will have to go through a battery of tests to ensure the logic is sound and that no problems can slip through the cracks.

Taking a Break

This project is still very much alive and well, but is taking a temporary leave of absence while I learn more about what to do and how to accomplish it.

Because of the scope of the project, I’ve built everything completely from scratch with custom JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. I’m also working on the back-end that uses custom PHP and MySQL scripts.

It will be available at when I finish the project. In the meantime, check out my other projects!

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My side projects tend to be extremely ambitious; sometimes *too* ambitious. If this project interests you and you'd like to contribute, please send me an email and I'll be more than happy to talk.