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Since you’re here, I’m assuming you wanted to see my nighttime cityscape photography, originally at ArtByJB.com.

While I appreciate that, I have some bad news.

After many years of pursuing Fine Art Photography as a profession, I’ve officially given it all up. Even my camera equipment is available for purchase.

Instead, I’ve begun to focus my efforts on building incredible web experiences as a full-time freelancer.

Let me explain why.

Return on Investment

Photography while fun, is an extremely expensive hobby. Over the course of about 12 years, I’ve spent somewhere in the ballpark of around $10,000 US Dollars on my camera equipment, software, and photography trips.

In that time, I’ve sold a grand total of about $350 US Dollars worth of prints. The cost of actually producing these prints have far more than eaten up all of my profits.

That means I would have to make close to $10,000 US Dollars in pure profit just to break even. That’s a really freaking bad return on my investment. It’s simply not sustainable.


For a long time, I believed my art didn’t sell because people didn’t genuinely like it, and that it were somehow a judgment of me as a person. Frankly, that hurt because I poured my heart & soul into my artwork.

But now, I realize that’s simply not true — largely because of the many accolades I’ve been fortunate enough to receive.

I’ve gotten far more recognition for my photography than I ever imagined I would.


I was given a DeviantArt Daily Deviation award (like winning an Oscar) for this photo:

Art Galleries

I was asked to be represented by a gallery in New York City’s famous art district, Chelsea.

I was also the featured artist in a very popular art gallery in world-renowned Sonoma, California.


I was published in a book about Colorado by Vail Daily.

Blog Features

I was published on several popular art blogs (like Amatore d’Arte and Abduzeedo) featuring this photo:


This photo was featured by Corel PaintShop Pro:

Social Media

At one point, I had nearly 50,000 combined Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers.

The Future

Talent can only take you so far — in the incredibly competitive art world, you really need a much better business acumen and a sizable marketing budget to go along with it.

Even though I’m working on both, I can honestly say I no longer have the drive nor the desire to put that much energy into photography.

Would I have done something differently had I known what I know now? Definitely not!

I’ve had a great time traveling the world, sometimes purely to photograph cities and skylines. I learned more about design and composition than I ever knew existed!

That alone was worth it all.

But life goes on, things change, and so do your hobbies. Thank you all for joining me on this amazing journey. It’s been one hell of a ride!

I sincerely hope to see you on this side of the internet, while I focus on building incredible things for the web.

Sincerely yours,
Jeffrey Bennett