A page just for me?! You shouldn’t have! No really. I’m going to develop a giant ego now.

OK, that’s not totally true. I’m a really nice guy and I don’t Byte… 😂

See what I did there? #NerdyHumor

Anyway, here is my smiling face! This photo was taken on an unbelievably gorgeous island in the Philippines. ❤️

Me in Caramoan, Philippines.

My biggest passion (right behind programming, of course) is…

I’m going to be using this graphic a lot. 😜

I love to have fun, but take my work very seriously. I’m a Web Experience Engineer with two decades experience in client-side and server-side programming, and an eye for great visual design.

I’ve worked with some incredible world-class companies like Adobe, Google, and SAP. I’m also a serial-entrepreneur with several passion projects. I love life, I love to have fun, and I genuinely hope we can learn something from each other.

Not every business needs a cutting edge experience, but when you want exceptional quality front-end web development work, remember me. Send me an email and we can talk about the details.

After all, life is too short for bad websites! Hire me to find out what two decades of website development and design can do for your company.